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Contact and Concrit

If you have any comments or criticism on how I play Luke, or you just need to get in touch with me, here's the post to do it. Feel free to contact me! Anon comments are screened.

Name: Dante
AIM: TheIrradiated
Character Name: Luke Triton
Character Series: Professor Layton
[After an exciting day of Christmas, Luke has spent most of his holiday playing with his new gifts and spending time with his close friends. The following day Luke sends out a message to everyone.]


Hello everyone! Late Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day. I just wanted to thank everyone who sent out gifts, and I hope mine was delivered to everyone safely! My Xatu's not really trained for deliveries, heheh...

Anyone, hope you're all having a good holiday! I think I might go check out the sales and see what all the fuss is over at the Goldenrod shopping center.

[Action for Goldenrod and accidental audio.]

[Luke for as small as he is, has manged to push his way through the large crowds without being trampled to death (though squeezing through the crowds has turned his Pokegear on by accident). His search for good deals has lead him to the music selection in one of the local shops, and he's currently browsing the selection of music. While he's been in Route long enough that the idea of CDs don't really bother him anymore, this is the first time he's really tried listening to some of the music. And luckily he can sample some of the selection!]

The Lonely Seafoam Island, huh? What an odd name for a music group. ...Oh! Looks like they've got a song on here about a boat. Let's see...

[And he tries sampling the song. He gets as far as "I'M ON THE S.S. ANNE, MOTHERFU-" before Luke quickly pulls off the headphones.]

Er, maybe not. Talk about bad language. What's this one? Bruno Muk. Huh, that's an unfortunate name for a person.

[And in it goes! He doesn't follow much of the lyrics, except for the whole "I'd catch a Giratinaaaaaa for yaaaaaaaa" and it seems to be about a man doing all these dangerous stunts for a girl he loves or something. He gets bored of it pretty quickly before he tries to look for something else.]

Hm, no not this one either. Honestly, Lady Gagastly? Nine-Inch-Tales? Ziggy Staryu? These names are ridiculous, and the music's not much better either.


[He tries another CD, this one by "the Rolling Golems". Unlike the other CDs he's tried, this one he kind of likes. The music is very different, to say the least.]

Huh, I sort of like this one. Maybe I'll get this one!

[And so he does! Much later after leaving the music shop, Luke's managed to find his way to a sunglasses display! Sunglasses make people look cool, right? So he tries a pair on for himself.

Except the pair he grabs happens to be some really tacky, over-sized, Elton John-style sunglasses and he looks like a complete dork in them. Unsure about this decision, he turns on the video feed because hey, the kid needs opinions.]


Are these supposed to be popular or something? ...I feel a bit silly wearing these.

[ooc: Thanks to everyone on my Plurk who gave my the ideas for band names! As for everyone else...I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.]

[ooc] Christmas presents!

Still a work in progress! If I've forgotten anyone please let me know, I don't want to leave anyone out.

Any presents Luke can't hand out in person will be delivered by the Xatu Express.
Christmas gifts!Collapse )


4th Wall Time! [Video/Action for Saffron]

H-hello? Gosh, there's so many new people all of a sudden! ...Is anyone getting a sense of deja vu?

...Wait, am I still in Saffron?! Let me check-

[Luke sets the Pokegear down for a moment, before going to check outside. Yup, still in Saffron. Luckily for Luke, he didn't end up in any new places.]

Yes! I didn't get carried off to any new strange places! What a relief!

Anyway, for you newcomers, welcome to Johto! Or uh, Kanto, depending on where you've ended up. My name is Luke Triton, feel free to ask any questions you like and I'll answer them!



[Luke turns slowly, and this Pokemon appears from behind.


O-oh, hello there uh...pink cat Pokemon. You must be one of those Pokemon who only live in Kanto, right? I don't think I've ever caught a pink cat Pokemon before...

[The Mew chuckles to itself, before taking off.]

Hey wait, come back!


Puzzle 033 - [Video]

[It's about 3 a.m.

Around this time, your sleep might be interrupted by loud crying. Off-screen there's some muffled grumbling, before Luke moves the Pokegear, and it shows that the crying seems to be coming from a Togepi. A newly hatched Togepi at that.

Luke's face shortly appears on-screen, and he looks very tired. Which makes sense, considering he's gone through this for a couple of days now.]

It won't. Stop. Crying.

H-how do I make it stop? I just fed it, so it can't be hungry again!

Do I have to change its diaper? It doesn't have a diaper. It's got an egg shell. Do I have to change it's egg shell?

None of my other Pokemon were this fussy when they hatched...

Puzzle 032 - Action for Goldenrod

[Oh no! Luke has turned into a wild Charizard! Well, he's dressed like one anyway, and judging by the way he's running around town he might as well be one.

Charizard!Luke is now running around Goldenrod looking for strong opponents to fight. Until someone stops him, he plans on harassing everyone in Goldenrod in his Charizard outfit. Around town, he will be doing one of the following things:]

A. Action 1 - Fire Fang

[Having fun trick-or-treating? Partying? That's going to be interrupted when a young boy dressed up as a Charizard dashes towards you and uses his fire fang attack!

You may be wondering why a young boy in a Charizard costume just bit you.]

B. Action 2 - Fly

[Somehow Charizard!Luke is up in a tree, glaring at people passing by down below. While in Luke's mind, it makes perfect sense that he can fly. In reality he most certainly can't. But that isn't going to stop him from trying to take off from that tree.]

C. Action 3 - Flamethrower

[Waiting for unsuspecting victims to pass by, Charizard!Luke will leap out of the bushes and give a mighty roar that will strike fear into the hearts of his opponents!]


[Charizard!Luke decides to finish off the unsuspecting victim with a powerful flamethrower attack!]


[...Or well try to anyway. Said unsuspecting victim will feel a light breeze on their skin as Luke starts blowing air on them during his “flamethrower” attack.]

[Today happens to be a special day for Luke – it’s his birthday! After getting tied to a bear and falling ill for most of the week, Luke was eager to celebrate it. Even if he was a little sad that he couldn’t celebrate it at home. That won't stop him from letting the rest of the world know about it though. Turning fourteen is a very exciting thing for Luke! For Luke's travel mates, expect a young boy to be pounding on your door bright and early.]


Johto, I am 14 now! I am one step closer to being an adult.

And not only am I a year older, but I'm pretty sure I've gotten taller as well! And well I haven't measured myself yet, but I could swear I felt myself grow an inch or two more already! Maybe this means I will start growing faster.

Speaking of ages, I just thought of a puzzle to share with you all!

“A father and son are chatting when the son poses this question: "Dad, I'm 22 now, but just how old are you?"

The father replies, "You wanna know how old your old man is, eh? Hmm, well, I tell you what. I'm as old as your age, plus half of my age."

How old is the father?”

Hope you all have fun with that one!


[And a little while later, Luke can be spotted wandering around the shopping area of Goldenrod. Most of the time he’ll be stopping by any toy or candy shops, peering inside to see what looks interesting.

During this little trip, he gets pounced on by a Furret leaping out of the bushes, knocking the poor boy over. Considering his last incident with a wild Ursaring, Luke is a little more skittish with Pokemon. In response, he throws his hands up to defend himself.]

Ack! Wait, don’t eat me! I’m not tasty-!

[He stops flailing long enough to get a good look at the Furret. It doesn't look like it's going to eat his face off or anything, so he slowly lowers his hands, carefully patting the Furret on the head.]

O-oh, hello…um, could you get off me please? Do you belong to someone?

[Fumbling around with his Pokegear, he checks the data on the Furret to make sure it doesn’t belong to someone else nearby.]

Tangarm…hey, you’re one of Puzzlette’s Pokemon! But what are you doing out here and not with her? Ah, I see you’re an evolved form of…



[Considering Luke’s first experience with Sentrets involved them mauling him, Luke is not thrilled to see its evolved form around. He starts flailing wildly to get the Furret off him but with little success. To passerbys, it looks like a young boy is desperately trying to escape from a…very affectionate Furret. Help him? Point and laugh?]